We work with fantastic game developers from around the world, ranging from top-tier AAA game studios, independent studios, casual and mobile, and even kickstarters. Our services include: Visual Effects, Technical Art, Character/Environment Asset Support, Research and Development, and Consulting.

FXVille was founded in 2008 by four VFX artists and game development veterans who saw a need yet to be filled in the game industry. As the first studio of its kind, we strive to provide our clients the highest quality VFX to help a game reach its full potential. Whether it's working with the latest and greatest packages or a few spare parts and tools, we push the limits of technology and creativity to achieve the best possible results.

When we say we are your virtual teammates, we mean it! Based in Seattle, FXVille has the advantage of being at the center of a fantastic game development community. We are also able to work remotely with clients from around the world while still offering onsite services such as project and toolset training, version control integration and management, and due diligence. Whether you're nearby or halfway around the world, we fully integrate into your existing production structure from first pass to polish to bug fixing.

Our extensive work has acquainted us with dozens of technologies, from industry standards like Unreal, Unity, and CryEngine to proprietary software unique to your studio. Every project is different, and we offer unparalleled knowledge and experience to help you solve creative problems in your game.

For more information and to see videos of our work from 2008 through today, take a look at our comprehensive clients page